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Presentation of the manor

Ruscova lies in the North-East of Maramures County, on the on the lower flow of the river of the same name. The area stands out through its natural surroundings, and presents a diverse landscape, dominated by mountains.

Beside the beauty of the landscape, you will find here the most beautiful traditional wooden manor in Maramures an unique in Romania, Conacul Drahneilor/Drahnei Manor. Its name, Drahnei, comes from the valley where it is situated, Dragmirov Valley, a most beautiful place, surrounded by high hills.

From Ruscova, a stone road turns right and crosses the river along the valley. The 4-km road will take you to the gates of the manor, at the end of the valley. You will immediate recognize the place, by its beautiful massive wooden gate, sculpted from oak by a local craftsman, John; from beyond the gate you will see the Drahnei manor rising tall.

The manor is built of sculpted fir wood, on stone foundation. The roof is made of shingle, typical for buildings in Maramures. The stairs leading to the main entrance are made of stone; everything is in perfect harmony with the centuries old tradition and the wonderful places one can only encounter here in Maramures.

Atractii turistice in zona:

Conacul Drahneilor va ofera cazare in zona urmatoarelor atractii turistice:
  • Mocanita de pe Valea Vaserului - 23 km
  • Cascada Cailor Borsa - 40 km
  • Manastirea Barsana - 40 km
  • Bisericile de lemn de pe Valea Izei
  • Bisericile de lemn aflate in patrimoniul UNESCO
  • Cimitirul Vesel Sapanta - 60km
  • Memorialul Durerii si Muzeul Satului din Sighet - 45 km
  • Poiana Narciselor Repedea - Traseu de 2,5 ore
  • Lacul Vinderel Repedea - traseu de 4,5 ore
  • Moara lui Danila din Sacel
  • Comuna Breb Maramures